Our Mission

Africa Initiative for Governance (AIG) overarching challenge is the need to transform the performance of Africa’s public sector.

An effective public sector is instrumental to the attainment of a country’s developmental goals, and across post-independent Africa, the public sector was seen as the means by which socio-economic development would be achieved. However, the results have been largely disappointing and many African countries have notoriously unproductive and underperforming public sectors characterised by inefficiency, excessive bureaucracy and corruption.

Consequently, public confidence in the public sector is low, with few solutions being proffered to effect lasting change to the status quo. Africa Initiative for Governance is proposing an innovative solution that will inject talent and resources into the public sector and will stimulate a revolutionary transformation from within.

Our goals

Transforming Africa’s public sector

Africa's private sector is earning plaudits for its innovation and entrepreneurship, but the continent's public sector all too often draws negative comment; inefficiencies and a lack of transparency are holding Africa back from its potential pace of development.

Africa Initiative for Governance (AIG) recognises the critical importance of transforming the African public sector's ability to enable a broader, more sustainable long-term growth.

Promoting partnership between Africa’s private and public sectors

Economies work most efficiently when the private sector and public sectors are working harmoniously towards shared goals. A synergistic relationship between both sectors has been proven to be effective at delivering services that citizens expect from their governments. As our investment in our long-term initiative unfolds, we expect to see the evolution of a more efficient and effective system for all.

An African-owned, partnership based approach

We appreciate that future leaders cannot be created overnight, and that public policy is often a servant of the political environment. We view our initiative as a sustainable commitment to transforming Africa’s public sector. We are firmly committed to a partnership model and believe that by working closely with governments, academic institutions and other partners to improve governance and transform public sector performance, we will bring the best skills and most resources to bear on achieving our goals.

Re-establishing belief in the value of public service

Without dedicated, hardworking public servants of the highest calibre, the rest of the system does not function efficiently. Therefore, a key component of Africa Initiative for Governance (AIG) is educating our scholars and their peers about the value of public service and the important role that they, as future leaders, can play in the transformation of their economies.

Our values


The fortitude to do what is right and lead by example, even in the face of personal or professional adversity, and the ability to meet and overcome challenges.


To promote consistently and actively, the highest ethical and performance standards, and make honesty and transparency the foundation for all actions.


Demonstrating the ownership necessary for achieving the desired outcomes. At its core are reliability and the willingness to take responsibility for one's actions and results, and make what is wrong right to the greatest extent possible.


Energising, engaging and inspiring with heart and mind, and demonstrating a passion for excellence.


Anticipating change, and finding new ways to improve the status quo through creative and forward thinking solutions.


Recognising that one cannot go it alone, and is dependent on forging mutually trusting and respectful relationships in the endeavour to reach the desired outcomes.